Valentine’s Day

Here I sit broken hearted, tried to sh** and only….well you know the rest.  Ha ha!!  Today is just another day.  I did acknowledge my kids on facebook wishing them a happy valentines day.  But after a very long day at work I had an epiphany this evening finishing a homework assignment: Music!!

I have always loved music, if you read one of my other post on here I talked about all the concerts I went to growing up.  But what I found amazing over the last couple of months (you do that when you spend a lot of time alone) that music is truly a way into a person’s soul and mind.  What we listen to defines us, shapes us, and helps us remember the past.  For example, I am a Christian (for those that were not quiet sure) and I love to listen to KLOVE radio or my own mix of Christian music on my ipod/ipad/iphone.  I even have a work-out mix of Christian music.  But I also love to listen to music ranging from the 1950s to today’s type of music.  I like my classic rock, the 60s car and surfing music, some 70s disco, and the 70s and 80s pop music.  I listen to new age and classical.  I love big band specifically the 1940s.

I could listen to Beethoven in one song, to Peter Frampton, the Newsboys, Mannheim Steamroller one right after the other.  In the last couple of months, I have re-found or should I say re-experienced groups and artists like America, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, the Old Eagles, Firefall, Seals and Croft, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Electric Light Orchestra, Abba, The Doobie Brothers, Duke Jupiter, Greg Kihn, Beatles, Ventures, John Denver, and many others.  Old music but new music to my ears.  For some of these groups and songs its been over fifteen years since I’ve heard the song…but I still know the words.  Music never leaves us.

You may ask why this subject matter has a heading of valentine’s day.  Well I created a 70s mix on the ipod/ipad/iphone (too many things that start with i) after I completed my homework.  Once I was done with the mix, and let it play out on the home stereo system, it was interesting and amazing the memories that came back with each song.  I could remember where I was in our old house, or what I was doing at 10 years old when I first heard a particular song.  Or how I fell in love with the Beatles on a camping trip because that was the only cassette tape I had at the time.  Or that first real girlfriend and the songs that she said “spoke” about our love for each other.  Yes I took her to see that group in concert…Air Supply.  Or my love of cars spurred by listening to Little Deuce Coupe or Little GTO when I was 16.   Or showing off the new car stereo system in my firebird equipped with ten speakers and 500 watts of bone shattering, mind numbing bass listening to George Thorogood or Steve Miller.

Music shapes our lives.  Thanks to my dad (I love you Dad!) I learned to love the music of the 50s and 60s.  I grew up cruising 16th Street in downtown Denver listening to KWBZ which was the only oldies station at that time.   I still can sing to most every song made back then.  I even was subjected to Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and many other country stars of the 60s and 70s.  But what is interesting is my kids have learned to love my music, the music of my generation.  It may not be there first choice, but I bet when they hear music that I would listen to back when we would travel to soccer games or tournaments, they can smile and have great memories of that music and time with each other.

Today there are apps for our phones and tablets that allow us to listen to a song and it will tell us the artist and title.  I have found some great new bands and music that way.  The Foo Fighters, Josh Woodword, Enigma, The Fratellis, the Black Keys, Locksley, Yael Naim, Foster the People, Steak, Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and others.  I am experiencing a new way to find music….again in my 50th year.

So to wrap up…God gave us ears to listen, a mind to absorb, and a soul to move to whatever type of music you love.  I sit hear listening to Sister Golden Hair by America and it brings a smile to my face because of the memories of the past, but the hope for my future.  I love all of my friends and most importantly my family!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


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