It’s been a long time…

Wow I did not realize that it has been over a year and almost a half since I last wrote on here.  A lot has happened, my daughter got married, I defended my dissertation (yes you may call me Doctor now), my father passed away suddenly, and my younger son is getting married this September.  Oh let’s not forget the new job, moved, again, and am trying to get back into shape.  Yes hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer writing has made one’s tushy get’s cushy.   Not a good thing.

Life brings you lemons, and roses.  I’ve been amazed how quickly time has moved and with both parents passing and finishing school.  There is so much I want to tell them, but can’t…and there is so much I want to start writing on here.  So we start anew, with vigor, excitement, and compassion about life.  I will write more, so please check back!!


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