Changes Happening!

If you have followed my blog or are brand new to my site, I have made a decision to make some changes with it. While I don’t have too many articles on here, I felt it was time to merge all of my projects into one cohesive package. So what you see on here is the beginning of the Colorful Colorado Photography’s blog. A journey into my travels, photography, and life. I will share some of the successes, failures, and so-so moments in my life when it comes to try and grow a passion into a career.

Why? Well I had my photo web site going, this page, and social media and it seemed as if only a couple were connected together, but not working together. So the most logical place to start was here. As I mentioned, I plan on writing about my lessons learned from starting a photography business, to my travels, be it off-roading in the Jeep or hiking, equipment I have, and where do I want to go from here…all added with some articles about life in general.

I’ve added links to my Colorful Colorado Photography social media sites and if you click on the photo on the right side of the page ▬▬► this will take you to the Colorful Colorado Photography Fine Art site where you can see and purchase some of my artwork.

So I hope you join me as I venture into this new path as I grow my passion into a career, my love of this state and region, and all of the fun trips, successes, and challenges that life brings me.

While you are at it, please click on the Follow link to add your email so you will get update on changes and additions to this site. Also click on my social media sites to follow me (promise I will follow you back), and lastly take a look at my fine artwork on the Colorful Colorado Photography website.

Till next time,



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