Part of my problem in life is that I trust people from the beginning…it is up to them to keep it. A friend of my son needed help for his girlfriend and new baby, they needed a place to live. I said ok. It was during the time that I was going to be in California for school…otherwise away from my home. This meant I had to trust them to take care of my home and personal belongings.

Well that was all crushed tonight. I went to get a movie out of the cabinet and what do I find…but a large empty space. Yes movies were taken from my home. Some of you may think big deal or who cares, and to be honest the dollar amount is embarrassing, but I had been collecting these movies for about eight years. Ones that I considered my favorites, but now they are gone. I asked myself what lesson is God teaching me, I also asked these two individuals if they knew anything about the movies being gone…but God didn’t answer and they denied it. As always God wants us to learn our lessons, through prayer and scripture, which I will do. But I have lost the movies and the money…but most importantly some individuals lost my trust.

I know the loss isn’t large or devastating enough…but it still hurts to have that trust broken.


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