Clear blue sky

I left work to see blue sunny skies, feel warm inviting temperatures, and the thought of new furniture sitting at home just waiting for me to enjoy them.  A decision was needed to be made, stay home enjoy the furniture or go enjoy the weather and warmth.  The later won!  I arrived home and park the Suburban in the parking lot so I may get out the Jeep out of the garage.  I left my home and drove past campus to see some of the college students enjoying the same warm sun that I was seeking out.

It was going to be my night out, by myself.  Nothing wrong with that, as I have been able to do many things throughout my life by myself.  Movies, climbing, hiking, shopping, driving, you name it I have no problem doing it by myself.  Now its not that I enjoy it every time, I would like to have somebody along with me to enjoy these times too, as I do love company, companionship, and conversation during these outings.  This evening would not be any different.

I ate dinner at my favorite fast food place (I know , I know…not good for you, but it tasted good) then I stopped off at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory down on Cannery Row to get an after dinner snack.  Go figure a native Coloradoan, shopping at a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, down in the heart of Cannery Row in Monterey, California.  I left Cannery Row to drive down the coast along the recreation trail in Pacific Grove.  If I could afford a place in Pacific Grove I would move there….but I need to wait and see where God places me.

I drove along the coast until I found a place along the coast where I could watch the sun set.  I found a nice place along Asilomar Beach.  I parked among many other cars, I guess everybody else had the same idea as I did.  I got out to watch the surf crash against the rocks creating sprays that were beautiful to watch.  I got mesmerized by the sound and sights of the water crashing into the rocks.  I found a place to sit and just watch.  Its during these times, that I get amazed at what God created for us.  I thought about the weather report on the news I watched the previous night, high pressure systems, low pressure systems, higher temps, low fog, and beautiful evenings.  Each of these systems and changes affect every area of the earth each and every day.  God has created a place that works in constant unison which sustains our lives.  I would imagine he is sitting in heaven wishing each one of us could enjoy the beauty of our world as he had envisioned in the beginning.  The clear water, the rocks, the sun, sky, clouds, and how they all work together to create and sustain life.  I felt this same awe when climbing 14ers back home, now I feel the same awe at sea level listening to the waves hit the rocks.

Because of the weather here on the coast, I am learning to savor and enjoy the clear skies as they don’t come around very often.  So I am going to make it my mission to enjoy each and every time to watch the sunset…except the next time I’m going to bring my camera!


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